Restart, crash and full system lockup following adding a usb device. I had less serious issues with Vista 64bit, but there I would often get screen corruption with USB, and a system freeze. I have to specifically select it from the Vbox GUI once the guest is running, but then it comes up as the device that is attached and all works very normally. Guest shutdown and logfile atached here for your information. A change had occurred. Contact — Privacy policy — Terms of Use. On the host, even a forced shutdown window seldom works.

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Windows 7 x64 Upgraded from Vista Virtualbox 3. USB doesn’t work with windows 7 64 bit host and windows XP sp3 guest.

I can’t reproduce your problem with Windows 7 x The virtual box version is also 3. Cancelled again in task manager. Virtual machine restarted and still no crash on host so definate improvement over 3.

USB deveice blah uid etc etc is busy with a previous request. Speechmike pro 6274 think this needs a higher priority as it is a broken but important feature. Reinstalling was also not successful On reboot Virtual box would not speechmike pro 6274 intiially then ran at second request. I will post a log file.

It never shows up in the USB menu or the Devices menu.

# (VirtualBox USB installation issue on Win 7 64 bit host) – Oracle VM VirtualBox

Any suggestions how I may assist with diagnosis? Description speechmike pro 6274 modified by aeichner diff Hello, I was running VirtualBox 3. I can confirm that spsechmike a blank usb filter works for me in 3.

Latest usb capture test log VBoxUsbError. Previous attachment was a 2nd and minor test. Has anyone experienced the USB device problem in host type Windows server?

USB scanner recognized normally, test scans functioned normally, image files showed up normally. Update – installed 3. Download in other formats: Unfortunately we are unable to reproduce the problem here. I am running speechmike pro 6274 VB server on Speechmike pro 6274 32 bit and want to move the host to 64 bit to use the 16gb RAM the server has installed but use USB drives for backups and other usb devices such spechmike flash drives.

Trid another usb device USB webcam same problem – device busy with previous request but still no guest or host crash: If you speechmike pro 6274 willing to test it, please drop me a mail at mikhail dot sennikovsky at oracle dot com I’ll then post you a link to the test build with instructions on how to collect the log.

Most 62274 my USB speechmike pro 6274 work. In my case, just adding empty filters seems to work, otherwise the usb device is hanging there forever, not in my host not in my guest.

In the end the problem produced a corruption in the guest OS. Replying to Michel Jung:.

Now, this would be a great work-around speechmike pro 6274 I only needed to access the FAT partition on my SD cards, but I also have an ext3 partition on the cards that I need access to.

I can no longer mount some USB devices. Happy to do this – Downloading now I’ll report back tomorrow. Changed 8 years ago by skullster attachment XP I am speechmike pro 6274 sure on this step since I did not need to do this when I figured out the fix.

It seems USB is a major problem in 64bit speechmike pro 6274 and no one iseems interested in fixing it: USB is clearly broken and completely non-functional. After that the host i. And yes, we are working on a solution. The “fix” there seems to be reverting to 3. I sent you a mail right before. Disconnect the device speechmike pro 6274 you are using from your host machine.

This evening, I disabled the UAC for germans like me: The disappointing thing is that these devices worked properly speechmike pro 6274 few weeks ago. Win7 64 bit Ultimate, latest VirtualBox. The VM was starting normal and there were no warnings, etc.

I can get the usb drivers to load and at least for a printer it will actually work but the system speechmije unstable and speechmike pro 6274 usually lockup with the only way out being spefchmike reset button or a power down.

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