Release Notes for firmware Get a Free Demo. Plug the USB stick into the instrument, if the firmware is a later version than the one on the instrument the automatic update process will proceed. Firmware Prior to v1. Vista and Windows 7.

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Also includes guidance on data archiving.

This software will also verify you have the lastest Firmware installed. Capture and analyze nuisance tripping, from 3 seconds to seconds Easy to use: The power of a wave form: Displacement power factor single- and three-phase.

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Besides effectively performing basic tasks like measuring wattage, the Fluke power meters offer the ease of use, portability and flexibility needed to resolve most power issues in commercial, industrial and residential settings. Vista fluke 345 pq clamp meter Windows 7. The multi-faceted Fluke is packed with features such as a bright, color display to analyze the harmonic spectrum, a low-pass filter to remove high frequency noise and a high EMC immunity design, making the Fluke power analyzer ideal for troubleshooting power quality on switching loads.

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This fluke 345 pq clamp meter is only for use with 7. This software verifies that youror has the latest firmware installed, and if not, enables you to upgrade. Plug the USB stick into the instrument, if the firmware is a later version than the one on the instrument the automatic update process will proceed. Fluke single-phase power quality meters can measure and log either ac or dc power systems depending on the model selected. Instructions to Restore v4.

Download file is about 25MB.

Reformatting the drive will erase all existing data from recording sessions. Some instruments will not update using USB 3.

Electrical Power Training Program. Fluke Firmware Update v The training will provide unique instructional videos, including real-life case fluke 345 pq clamp meter, quiz, poster and a printed reference guidebook supporting the videos. Download logged data with PowerLog application software to view trends and screenshots, analyze and create reports simply. The screen displays the firmware version. To update instruments running firmware revision 2. You will be directed to the specific manual for the product seen on this page.

Power Quality Clamp Meter Includes: Electrical Power Explained – Training Program. Power Log software for download, analysis and reporting Upgrade Utility for installing a new firmware version.

Fluke 345 Power Quality Clamp Meter

Fluke Power Analyze Software v2. USB driver for Vista. Used with Flukeclakp, ; and Fluke, and Please refer to the instrument manual for detail information.

Get a Free Demo.

Maximum fluke 345 pq clamp meter 10, A or clxmp x frequency Frequency measurement from current or voltage sources. Clamp meter performs even with distorted waveforms present on electronic loads with low-pass filter Data logging: Fluke’s three-phase power meters will quickly provide the answers you need to get things running smoothly. This combination will allow fluke 345 pq clamp meter to quickly discover where potential problems in your electrical system are located.

This application requires Android OS version 4. Requires installation of updater software. Remote Control Commands for FW1. Fluke Power Quality Analyzers all include ‘gap-less’ measurement, detail of every power cycle is considered during measurement and logging; this capability is key to discovering the state of health of your power system. Built in capability for balanced loads View graphs and generate reports: See Ambient flukf specifications for temperature coefficients.

These meters can be used for troubleshooting to find the answers now; or as benchmarking tools to discover the trend of your power quality over time.

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