VSPEX eliminates the server virtualization planning and configuration burdens. If all the three examples were implemented on the same virtual infrastructure, with an initial capacity of virtual machines they can all be implemented, leaving the capacity of eighty six reference virtual machines in the resource pool. In the “Configure service account and distributed key management” page, specify the account that will be used by the Virtual Machine Manager Service. This results in the 1Gbps solution for the storage access. Complete the following in the Advanced Setting window:. Click Accept when you are prompted to save the configuration.

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In addition to the Broadcom device drivers, the installer installs the management applications. Choose “Validate a Configuration”, and click Next. Type switchport mode access. In the main setup page, click Install.

In the “Confirmation selection” page, click Install. The tables in this section include both the local and remote device and the port locations in order to simplify bige requirements.

Type channel-group 15 mode active.

Microsoft Windows Server R2 SP1 Hyper-V Solution for 50 and Virtual Machines – Cisco

In the “Load Driver” dialog that you opened in Step a, click Browse. Ping to verify if the assigned IP addresses are working properly. Enable the telnet service? After booting and connecting to the serial or console port of the switch, the NX-OS setup should automatically start. Choose the host OS from the “Operating System” drop-down list. Complete the Windows installation according to the requirements and standards of your company. Either accept the default virtual machine path on the host for the virtual machine files, or click Browse to specify a different location.

Administration is unified, while process separation can be adequately controlled and monitored. The above step also broadcom bcm5709c netxtreme ii gige iscsi adapter a virtual NIC for the host machine and retains the static IP address assigned in the earlier step for host management. Firstly, you need to install broadcom bcm5709c netxtreme ii gige iscsi adapter C M3 server in a rack. In the “Templates” tab, choose and right-click the template created above and click Properties.

Not all servers perform the same tasks, and it is impractical to build a reference that takes into account every possible combination of workload characteristics.

In the “Confirmation” page, review and click Next. The following are the requirements to virtualize this application: In the “Configure Operating System” page, configure the guest operating system settings.

Wait for mapping to complete, as indicated in the “Details” pane. Click Yes and then click Next to clear the configuration. Ensure that connectivity is not affected.

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Hyper-V Solution for 50 and 100 Virtual Machines

However, this section does not cover how to create and build a Microsoft Windows Server R2 with SP1 in a virtual environment. In the “Virtual Media” window, click Add Image.

Continue with out-of-band netxyreme management configuration? Choose all the volumes under “Available disks” and click Ok. Shutdown one of the Microsoft Hyper-V nodes in the cluster.

The following are the two most common recovery requests used in backup and recovery:. This teamed adapter is used for Microsoft Hyper-V host management. The advantage of this approach broadcom bcm5709c netxtreme ii gige iscsi adapter that it allows you to reduce power and cooling needs and to reduce the number of network ports.

Most environments will iscai have an Active Directory in their infrastructure either running on a virtual machine or on a physical server.

On the other end of the Cisco Nexus switch port where the teamed adapters are connected are configured as trunk ports to allow multiple VLAN traffic. In the “Confirmation” page review and click Finish.

Tim’s focus is on delivering customer-driven solutions on Microsoft Hyper-V and System Center products. Follow the cabling directions in this section. In the “Configure Settings” page, follow these steps:.

These steps provide details for the initial setup on both Cisco Nexus switches. This document will not go into details and best practices for SQL server installation and betxtreme.

Type channel-group 4 mode active. Choose the Targets tab, and then choose the VNXe as the target name. The server administrator has the choice of defining the number of vNICs and the profile to map them with.

In the “Summary” page, confirm the settings, and click Create. Type switchport mode trunk.

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