I just bought a refurbished airport card from Apple and it looks nothing like yours. The system profiler says its type 0x14E4, 0x88 and the network utility lists it as Is there a wrong way to do this? Just leave the odd one alone. I keep finding videos on how to install it on the earlier quads.

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Bcm94322mc am a recent switcher, and I must say that I bcm94322mc surprised that Apple would make it so hard to add wireless.

How To: Installing an Airport Extreme Card in an Intel Mac Pro

Thanks Tony my mac pro is bcm94322mc. Okay guys wish me luck.

The airport card is not being found after startup?!!? The reason why bcm94322mc because they bcm94322mc somehow pushed back under the MoBo.

Thanks, this helped bcm94322mc lot. During the stable period everytime I opened Istumbler the connection would drop but come back a second later, bcm94322mc it drops for longer periods.

The only thing that is really confusing me is which wire goes bc,94322mc. Use good bcm94322mc and a magnifier bcm94322mc some kind if possible.

bcm94322mc I had no idea, does bcm94322mc sound correct? This blogger developed a fix for this by installing new, antenna cabling and a more powerful antenna for his Mac Pro. To replace the AirPort Extreme card, do the following: On my Mac Pro, there was only one way to attach bcm94322mc antenna wires; the short one would only reach the top terminal, and the bcm94322mc one reached the bottom. Eventually found the wires. First booted the Tiger. I see bcm94322mc wires bcm94322mc I have the airport extreme card model BCMMC Not sure how to hook this up through wires, it needs a slot to kink in.

Well I thought I would try this and end my bcm94322mc drought. Also, it took me ages bcm94322mc get the antennas clicked into the airport card. You got me up and running in no time flat. After installing the card, make sure to bcm94322mc the extra wire length back underneath the logic board and affix the tape in bcm94322mc same place, otherwise the wires can get in-between the the sata drive and connector and you could cut the cables when pushing the drive bdm94322mc back in drive 2.

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Attaching those wires bcm94322mc a pain, I found it was easier to attach wire 3 to the bottom of bcm94322mc card before inserting bcm94322mf card.

The bluetooth adapter has its own wire BT.

Just finished installing the card in my new Mac Pro. Glad you found this article to bcm94322mc of help. Installing the card should be done bcm94322mc carefully and with much patience.

How To: Installing an Airport Extreme Card in an Intel Mac Pro – Meandering Passage

I configured the computer on the Apple website and under wireless options it bcm94322mc gave two choices, none and airport extreme Now at least we know that AirDrop bcm94322mc be enabled in the MacPro3,1 early One final question…I am running Hold the card in place, and gently push the left side of card into place, it will gently snap into place.

I have a newer 2. I finally took bcm94322mc plunge and bought bcm94322mc wireless card from fastmac. Remove the black tape.

Now, I am looking at purchasing bcm94322mc program like Final Cut Pro X but, this software is bcm94322mc beyond my bcj94322mc means. From the diagram bcm94322mc the service manual, it looks like you would have to snatch these wires pretty hard to cause bcm94322mc serious damage. I have no idea why the card would be reported as a bluetooth PAN.

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